Him and Her

Christmas is really fast approaching and I couldn't help but daydream about what I'm gonna wear to that family get together, lunch with friends or dinner.

I actually want to go for a Christmas shopping but honestly with my schedule right now it's pretty hard to insert it on the list. Gosh! I'm not being a workaholic, am I?

Anyway, If you happen to love online shopping or just love to browse the internet, check out this cool Thai brand Him and Her. They are now available at Zalora Thailand for a hassle free shopping.

Christmas wishlist? I got 'em! Check them out:

Zoe crop top - a get together with your friends.

Rodeo dress - for a lunch date.

Gigi crop - dinner with your family.

Annette dress - last minute shopping for Christmas presents.

Corine dress - family reunion.

Hey, it's Tanya. ft. Ezra by ZALORA part 2

So this is what I've been telling you about. I've been posting photos on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter about this for the past weeks.
Usually, I don't really tag brands on my blog on what I 'm wearing since it doesnt really have one. Lol. :)
If you've been a follower of this blog since it started you would know that I'm a big fan of buying clothes on the streets of Bangkok. It's like a whole city of a walk in closet. Seriously!
Besides having all the trends on the streets, the prices are just unbelievably low compared to the mall. For the quality? Well, you just have to know which side produces the good ones. 
So, if Bangkok is like a walk in closet, Zalora Thailand is almost the same except that, you'll just be able to save pretty much a lot of time.

This Mesh Insert Kimono dress was sent to me by Zalora Thailand a couple of weeks ago from their brand Ezra. And like what I said, I couldn't be much happier for my blog. 
The dress is just soooo me. Fun and casual. No need for many accessories since the print just shouts Chic-ness overload. 

You think this Padded details mini bag is too small to carry around? Nope! At first, I thought the same thing, but, inside has a lot of space to carry all your necessities around. Plus, it comes with a detachable strap too!

See the details:

If you like this dress and this bag visit their website so you can check out other items too:

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Hey, it's Tanya. ft. Ezra by ZALORA part 1

Ezra  is Zalora's very own private label which was launched just this year in their online store. 

Having this first collaboration with a brand especially Zalora is a little shock for me since I haven't really been consistent with my posts lately. For someone to notice Hey, it's Tanya. is already a blessing but collaborating with it? - OMG! Not only Zalora is a super cool and a popular online shop for shopaholics like me but  the clothes that they offer just fits my style and personality so well.

I'll give you a preview on this Padded details mini bag from Ezra first but make sure to follow and read the post after this to know more about the details and to see how I will wear the dress as well. Aiyt guys?

For now, check out the bag which I paired with this cotton mini dress that I got from an Export shop in Bangkok.

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