The only constant in this world is change and it's up to you if you welcome it with open arms or run for your life like a scared kitty.

The weakling in me initially thought to just pack my suitcase, run away, and live a new life in a country where nobody knows me. Or go back to Kuala Lumpur perhaps? (in case anything happens, a friend is there to come and rescue me, lol.)


Well, I guess I have this Superwoman twin hiding inside me waiting to be unleashed for the longest time that I decided to face everything without fear. 

Sometimes, you just can't point out the main reason why you decided to quit on something that when somebody asks you why, it seems like a cat got your tongue. They say quitting is giving up. I say, KUDOS! Cliche as it may sound but Life's too short to be stuck on something that doesn't give you the satisfaction anymore.

I must say, June was a little bit harsh to me this year, but, what the h*ll! When like knocks you down, you just have to get up and move on.


I finally had the chance to take my 3 days off from work. Earlier, I was just staring at my computer didn't know what to blog about. Ideas were running through my mind, but I still couldn't decide on one. 
Finally, I thought of our situation here in Thailand.

I've been living in this beautiful country for the past 4 years, and I can't help but feel miserable with what's happening. All I hear in my workplace are my staff talking about when will this ever stop. Nobody knows.  Family and friends from the Philippines reach out through social media sites with their concern and been asking how we're doing. 

Being a Foreigner in this country, I just go with the flow. For my own safety. For my family's safety. 
I know that this is just a phase in Thailand's history. I believe that a strong and united country as Thailand will get through this soon.

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Sooner or later, I am positive that the smile of each citizen in this country will be seen once more and that a peaceful and happy atmosphere will once again be felt by everyone.

Anyone, reading this post, I ask that you #PrayforThailand. The country needs this. 

As a Blogger, reaching out to people all over the world and asking for this simple thought is the best gesture that I can think of  to help Thailand in my own little way. A place who accepted me and treated me well with kindness for the past 4 years.

What to wear in Bangkok

 What to wear in Bangkok

So here's another post on What to Wear

Currently, the weather in Bangkok is so "moody" that if you want to go somewhere in the city you're always unsure of what to wear. Will it rain today? Is it going to be hot outside the whole day?
To keep yourself from guessing, (since you're not the weatherman anyway. lol) here's my outfit post on what you should wear this month in this tropical country. Hope it helps.

 What to wear in Bangkok

1. A plain white cotton top. Rain or shine, you'll never go wrong with a white cotton tee.

 What to wear in Bangkok

2. Denim shorts. Just because I think it's better than wearing pants at this time. It's more comfy.

 What to wear in Bangkok

3. Platform sneakers. Since you shouldn't be wearing your high heels while walking the entire day (unless you want your feet to scream at you) and you still want to feel tall (like me), this one is the best replacement. 

You can bring a jacket or a blazer to keep you warm IF it'll rain. But, if it doesn't, then you can just carry it with you, tie it on your waist or whatever you feel like doing with it. It can add style to your whole outfit in any way.

Any more suggestions? Comment below.